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Energia Smart Thermostat - Take full control of your home heating
What is Netatmo Smart Thermostat?

Have you ever been on the way home from work and longed to come back to a warm toasty home? Thanks to Netatmo, now you can. The Apple-friendly, Alexa-compatible Netatmo smart heating thermostat is, as the name suggests, smart.

The Netatmo Smart Thermostat allows you to remotely control your heating through an app on your phone, giving you complete control over your home’s heating even when you’re not there. So you can now control the temperature from your bed or from the other side of the world.

How Do Smart Thermostats Work?


The Netatmo Smart Thermostat will replace your current timeclock and allows you to set up a 7-day schedule on your phone for when you want your heating to go on and off, so you only use the heating when you need to. This feature enables you to make your home more energy efficient as it adapts to your habits and lifestyle. The Smart Thermostat’s Auto-Adapt function uses your home’s insulation and the outdoor temperature to programme when your heat should switch on, so you can have the temperature you want at just the right time.

As it is a thermostat, it will automatically turn off your heating once the desired temperature has been reached in your home. You can also track your consumption with monthly usage reports including indoor temperature and boiler activity, and thanks to the Auto-Care function, the Netatmo Thermostat can tell you when its batteries are low or notify you of a problem with your heating system’s operation.

Benefits of Smart Thermostats:

  • Minimize Energy Costs

  • Track Your Energy Usage

  • Control Your Thermostat Remotely


How to Get Energia Smart Thermostat?


Sign up to Energia today and you can get a FREE Netatmo Smart Thermostat with FREE installation worth €329. 


Need More information on our Smart Thermostat?


Call us on 0818 300 700 and one of our Energia representatives will provide all the information you need on the Energia Smart Thermostat from Netatmo, and they’ll check your eligibility. We’ll manage the installation and setup for you and show you how to use your new system, so you'll have a cosy home in no time. Discover more ways to save Energy at home with Energia Cosy Home Scheme.