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August 26

Daylighting – How You Can Reduce Your Business Electricity Spend

For businesses large and small, energy costs can be substantial, so trying to find ways to save on electricity is a big help to their bottom line. There are various energy saving techniques that can be utilised by businesses wanting to reduce their expenditure, but one method in particular has caught on with businesses in Ireland - daylighting.

What is Daylighting?

Daylighting is a method of maximising natural light by placing windows, openings and reflective surfaces at strategic positions throughout your building. It is now standard for forward thinking businesses to consider daylighting at the design stage of a new building in an aim to increase visual comfort and cut down energy usage.

Windows, skylights and similar openings can be utilised to provide more sunlight into particular rooms. Indeed, the strategic use of clerestory windows together with sensors installed in the light fittings with automatic daylight tracking, occupancy control and setback levels has been shown to enable businesses to cut their daytime lighting spend by up to 70%. This could translate into huge price savings on their electricity bill, depending on the size of the building.

What Windows Work Best for Daylighting?

When designing a building for daylighting, it’s important to consider which window styles will be most energy efficient for different areas. It’s key that windows and openings are placed for efficiency reasons rather than aesthetic ones.

South-facing windows are the best choice for superior daylighting and for controlling seasonal temperatures, as they let in the sun, but don't allow too much direct sun in the summer.

North-facing windows are the best choice for getting more even amounts of sunlight and allowing less glare. Plus they are superior for limiting heat gain in the summer.

East-facing and west-facing windows are the worst for daylighting because even if they might provide good amounts of light, they also let in a lot of heat in the summer.

Daylighting has proven that it can deliver substantial savings and help contribute to cheaper electricity for business, so it’s worth investing time and thought into when moving into a new office building.

For more information on ways that your business in Ireland can save money on its energy bill, contact us Today.

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