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What is the Energia & Clean Export Guarantee Scheme?


Energia will help customers on their green journey to reduce their carbon footprint with the Clean Export Guarantee scheme which was announced by the Irish Government on 21st December 2021.  

Microgeneration refers to the generation of electricity from renewable technology such as solar PV panels. This type of renewable energy generation allows domestic customers to produce their own electricity.  

By generating electricity this way customers may be able to generate much of  their home’s electricity needs but in 2022 the Irish Government will introduce the Clean Export Guarantee (CEG).  

For microgeneration customers this will mean that any surplus electricity that is produced, customers will have the option to export this surplus to the grid and receive payment for it. Not only will microgeneration customers be contributing to a greener Ireland by exporting surplus green energy but they will also be reducing their own electricity expenses. 

Learn more about Microgeneration

Learn more about Microgeneration

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Microgeneration and the Clean Export Guarantee (CEG)?  

Microgeneration, or Microgen, is the generation of green electricity from renewable technologies, such as solar (PV) panels, wind, hydro and other renewable technologies.   

Microgenerators generate renewable energy using some or all of the above methods to meet the electricity demands of a household.  

The Clean Export Guarantee will allow customers with registered microgeneration devices to sell any excess electricity back to Ireland’s electricity grid in return for payment.   

When will I be paid for my excess energy? 

Energia is working to develop payment arrangements for customers with microgeneration. We expect these payments to begin by summer of 2022 when we start receiving the export data from ESB Networks.

I am not an Energia customer, can I still avail of the Clean Export Guarantee Scheme?  

At the moment, only Energia customers in contract who are eligible can participate in the scheme with Energia. For the CEG, a customer’s export and import of electricity must be from the same supplier initially.​ Sign up to Energia.

Am I eligible for the Clean Export Guarantee Scheme?  

Energia customers who own a microgenerator such as solar PV, micro-wind, micro-hydro, or renewable micro-CHP are eligible for this scheme. You must have an export grid connection, which is typically organised by the installer on installation or can be organised through ESB Networks.    

Customer will also need to notify ESB Networks of their microgeneration install so they can start recording your export to the grid. This is done by completing a NC6 form, this would have been completed by your technician at time of installation.    

Energia customers will need to have a smart meter where available. If you are eligible for a smart meter you will need to get one installed by ESB Networks to get paid for precisely what you export. Otherwise, you will get paid based on a deemed volume assumption determined by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU).  

How much will I be paid for the excess energy through the CEG?  

We are working on this in line with CRU guidelines and government guidelines. More details will be available soon.  

Don’t worry any payments will be back dated to the date the scheme commenced if you met all the eligibility criteria on this date. The date the scheme commenced was midnight 15th February 2022.