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Energia Online Web Site Terms & Conditions

By completing the registration process and/or using or subscribing to the Energia Online website, you agree to enter into a binding contract with Energia subject to these terms and conditions.

Energia agrees to provide customers with permission to access, use and interact on Energia online subject to these Terms and Conditions.

The customer and each individual user must complete the registration process in order to access Energia Online. The customer will be issued with a username and temporary password and by using these to log into Energia online you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.

The computing infrastructure used by the customer to obtain access shall be the responsibility of the user.

The customer undertakes that they will manage and keep safe their username and password so that only they have access to the system. Usernames and passwords should not be shared with others.

The customer shall inform Energia if any registered users of the web site leave the customer’s employ or their authorisation to access the information provided by the web site is withdrawn by the customer.

The information provided through Energia online is for information purposes only and Energia is not responsibly for any losses or damages that arise due to the use of this information. The printed bill takes precedent over the information provided by Energia Online.

Energia reserves the right to remove access to Energia online at its sole discretion for any reason.

If a customer wishes to nominate a consultant and give them access to their online account Energia must receive written authorisation. This authorisation should include full details of the consultant acting on their behalf and should be provided on company letter headed paper. The customer shall inform Energia if for any reason their access privileges have changed or if there are any changes to access requirements.

Energia will take reasonable steps to ensure that the information provided on Energia Online is reliable and accurate as per the notification provided throughout the site. Energia will endeavour to have the site available at all times however, from time to time, updating and maintenance may be essential and will result in the site not being available without notice.

Energia cannot guarantee that the information provided on the site be interrupted, reliable or fault free. It can also not be guaranteed that the content of the site is accurate, complete, up to date or reliable. The customer is responsible to  use the site with due care and diligence and Energia can not be held responsible for any errors on the site or any loss or damages arising out of the information provided.

Energia reserves the right to change these terms and conditions and publish them online without notice. It is the customers responsibility to comply with any revised terms and conditions and by continuing to use the site the user is deemed to have accepted the revised terms and conditions.


Privacy policy

Use of this site is also bound by Energia’s privacy policy as per Energia cannot be held responsible for any internet access related issues including privacy and confidentiality, viruses or other issues that are relevant for information passed over the internet.

Links are provided to 3rd party sites on the site for convenience and their inclusion does not imply approval or endorsement of the linked sites or any information provided wherein as we have no control over their content.


Data protection

Energia collects data from the users of this site in order to provide the service and improve aspects of the site as well as for administration, risk assessment, marketing and credit checking purposes. By using the site you are providing us with the necessary permission to gather this information. This data will be kept by Energia for a reasonable length of time even after the user ceases to be a customer of Energia. The data will not however be kept for any longer than is necessary and/or required by law.

This data may also be shared with other members of the Viridian group and other 3rd parties who act on behalf on Energia in providing the service. These 3rd parties are also bound by the relevant data protection legislation.

Energia may also record telephone conversations in order to facilitate staff monitoring and training, confirm details of conversations with Energia users and other purposes. These recordings will be kept confidential.

Users have the right to ask for a copy of their Energia personal data (Energia is entitled to charge a nominal administration fee for this). If a User wishes to avail of this right, he/she should submit a written request to: Data protection officer, Energia, P.O. Box 1275, Belfast, BT9 5WH. Suitable proof of identification may be required. If any of the Users' details are incorrect we will amend them accordingly as directed.


Intellectual property rights

All rights, including all intellectual property rights, in the design, text, graphics and other material on Energia Online and the selection or arrangement thereof are owned by Energia. Where available, permission is granted to electronically copy and print in hard copy parts of the Energia online site. However, users are not permitted to change, modify, distribute, replicate or alter any part of the site without prior written consent.



The User shall comply with all requirements and/or obligations of any statute, statutory instrument, rule, order, regulation, directive and/or byelaw laid down by legislation, Government Departments and/or EU Bodies dealing with and relating to access or any provision of these Terms and Conditions.


Governing law

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the Laws of Ireland and each party submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Irish Courts.


If you experience any difficulties in using Energia online, you can contact us by e-mail at [email protected]


V.2 July 2010

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