Partners & Suppliers

Our energy efficiency partners and suppliers

We work with a variety of best in class suppliers to implement energy efficiency projects. Find out more about the companies that we work with in each area here.

Wholesale Partners


The Irish Electrical Buying Group (IEBG) was founded in the year 2000 by four of the current members and has grown in the intervening years to 16 members and 23 branches nationwide. Contact details of each IEBG branch are shown by clicking on the map below. You can visit each member’s website by clicking on the company name on the right hand side.
Each IEBG member is an independent electrical wholesaler with vast experience in servicing the electrical distribution market in Ireland. Membership of the IEBG enables each branch to offer a large selection of quality products and quality brands at competitive prices.
No matter where you are in Ireland, you are not too far away from your nearest IEBG branch.

Air Compressors

Team Air Power -

Team Air Power are a dynamic Team of experienced engineers with a reputation for technical expertise across all facets of air compressor technology, installation, maintenance and repair. They understand that quality and continuity is crucial to efficiency and therefore speed and reaction is critical to competitiveness. With full office, warehousing and engineering facilities in Antrim and Dublin, Team Air Power cover the whole of Ireland and are contracted to many of the world’s largest manufacturing companies to provide 24-hour call out services to their Irish production plants.

Boiler Controls

GEM Utilities -

GEM-Utilities Ltd specialise in providing proven and commercially viable technology and services to reduce carbon emissions and energy usage for private and public organisations. GEM are led by a professional team with combined 25 years’ experience in energy, environmental science, accountancy, legal, marketing and technology sectors. We pride ourselves in delivering nationwide project management and installation.

GEM has been successfully installing M2G systems since 2001 for private and public sector organisations and is the leading supplier of advanced boiler control systems in Ireland.

M2G has been specifically designed to eliminate nuisance boiler activity (i.e. dry-cycling/short circuiting/short-cycling). The losses incurred by these nuisance boiler activities are fixed and predictable and lead to over consumption of expensive gas, oil and lpg as well as producing damaging Co2 and GHG emissions. Modern boiler plant (modulating/condensing) are not exempt from these activities and will also benefit from the application of M2G logic control.

M2G has two digital temperature sensing probes which are attached externally to the each boiler flow and return pipe-work manifold. The M2G logic monitors temperatures every second and creates a ‘movie’ of circulating boiler water temperatures. The temperature data is used to eliminate boiler response at very low load conditions versus combined boiler and building heat-loss which requires immediate boiler response. This is achieved by measuring the temperature gradient over time (rate-of-change). Savings greater than 10% can be expected in addition to BMS. Savings range from 10% - 25% depending on controls and system set up. Savings undergo an M&V process to IPMVP standard.

M2G is fully automatic and comes with a 5-year no quibble warranty. Once M2G is installed there are no maintenance costs … only savings.


House2Home -

House2Home Retrofit Ltd is a 100% Irish owned new Retrofit company based at their 10,000 sq foot showroom on the Killeen rd, Dublin 12.Their aim is to provide you with a complete solution when you decide to change your business for the better, particularly if it is insulation.
They can offer a full insulation package as well as high efficiency boilers and zoned heat controls.

Energy Awareness Campaigns

Green Aware -

Green Aware is a new venture born out of seasoned experience. Their team of practitioners/consultants has extensive experience in dealing with the Energy management issues faced by private firms & public institutions.

Their aim is to raise the profile of energy management and convince different groups in your organisation that energy efficiency is a vital and worthwhile goal.

Green Aware promote energy days where they visit your site informing people where they can save energy in the work place and at home. This helps to ensure energy savings become a way of life instead of something you do when in work.

They also work with clients that have not got the time to concentrate on the energy side of their business due to day to day commitments and the running of their business. Green Aware can have a very minimal part in your energy drive / monitoring or a major part depending on your needs.

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