Gas Energy Efficiency

There are plenty of ways to save on gas bills and reduce costs. Here are some gas energy efficiency tips that may help reduce your gas usage and make it more efficient.

Gas Hot Water

Gas hot water provided by boilers can account for a large proportion of a company’s total energy bill and should be part of any energy reduction strategy. Typically, energy reductions of 10% or more can be made easily through maintenance and low cost improvements.

Longer-term solutions are worth consideration. For example old hot water boilers generally have efficiency of approx. 70%; poor maintenance will make this figure worse.

New condensing boilers can achieve efficiencies of over 90% and can be worth installing.

Reduce Gas Consumption

The first step is to reducing usage is to assess what controls are already in place, find out if they are set correctly and check that their settings match the business’s requirements. The next step is to decide whether additional controls would be beneficial.

Improve insulation

Have a well-insulated, energy efficient premise. Insulation improves heat retention, meaning you are less dependent on your gas heating system to keep your premises at the correct temperature.

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