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Energy Efficiency Tips

Helping you manage your energy

Get up to 30% in funding for your Energy Efficiency Projects. It's a win-win for your business. Not only will your business benefit from the funding but with the additional cost savings from the reduction in energy usage, projects can pay for themselves.

Energy saving tips and advice service

At Energia, we provide a full range of energy savings advice, tips and programmes to help our customers to reduce their energy usage by being more efficient.

  • 10%

    Save up to 10% on heating costs by reducing the temperature by 1°C

  • 60°C

    Ensure your hot water is set to 60°C to minimise waste

  • 15%

    Switching off lights in unused areas can see savings as much as 15% in your lighting costs

  • 20%

    Our simple tips can help you cut up to 20% off your energy consumption

  • 50%

    Energy Consumption can increase by over 50% if an air conditioning system is poorly maintained

  • 75%

    Compact fluorescent lamps can use up to 75% less energy than standard light bulbs

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