Going Green

Energia is proud to be one of the top renewable energy companies in Ireland, currently creating 25% of Ireland’s wind power. We only plan to grow, with a number of wind farms currently in development.


At Energia we are committed to developing renewable and sustainable energy sources in Ireland.  Renewable energy has a positive impact on life for future generations and has numerous advantages over conventional energy sources, including:

  • Carbon emissions are much lower

  • The fuel supplies will not run out

  • It’s widely available in Ireland and doesn’t need to be imported

  • It’s not subject to price variations

Ireland has huge potential for harnessing wind power and Energia operates 40 wind farms in locations across the country, with 25% of the country’s total wind energy supplied through Energia. 

There are currently a number of new wind farm projects in development, strengthening our contribution to Ireland’s energy policy objectives of securing diverse and sustainable supplies of green energy at competitive prices.

Environmental Impact

Electricity supplied by Energia has been sourced from the following fuels: 
(Disclosure label applicable period Jan-Dec 2016)

      Fuel Source       Electricity
      supplied by      
Energia (IE)
Average for 
All Island Market
  % of total % of total
Renewable 100% 40.09%
Gas 0%  39.66%
Coal 0% 13.76%
Peat 0% 5.35%
Other 0% 1.14%
Total 100% 100%

Energia now offers green source products which is likely to change your fuel mix when compared to the supplier fuel mix shown. For information on your fuel mix and on the environmental impact of your electricity supply visit or, for further details call 1850 405 405


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