31% of Irish workers willing to take pay cuts


A new study has found that almost one third of Irish workers would be willing to take a pay cut - if it allowed them to move to a new position which offered a stronger career path and greater future opportunities.

34% of employees expect to move job in 2017 - although 55% report that they will stay put if their current employers give them a raise. This is according to a survey of more than 1,500 people by Matrix Recruitment.

On the topic of pay increases, 67% expect their companies to increase their salaries in 2017.

A third expect €2,500 or more to be added to their salaries. This would be a big increase - as only 36% of those who took part said their pay went up last year.

81% feel confident approaching their boss and asking for more money.

Ireland's workforce has been feeling a squeeze, more than 80% say their cost of living has gone up through rent increases and rising insurance premiums. They plan to compensate for this by spending less on nights out, eating out, and the weekly grocery shop.

70% of 18-24 year olds in the capital and 46% of 25-34 year olds said that they would consider a move out of Dublin to save money.

There is a generational gap when it comes to benefits, millennials consider flexitime the number one perk, while older workers prioritise health insurance.

Joanne Foley of Matrix Recruitment commented: "The Matrix findings show that 31% of people would consider a pay cut for a new job that offered a stronger career path and greater opportunities."

"That doesn’t imply that salary isn’t important, it absolutely is, but it’s not always the number one reason for taking a job. The suitability of the role to a person’s skills, interests and experience, a good benefits package, location and attractive working hours are of significant importance when it comes to attracting candidates to a job," she continued.

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