A smartphone that costs just €3.30 is about to go on sale


A bale of briquettes, a box of cereal, four moderately priced sports socks – all things that cost more than the newest smart phone entering the market.

An Indian smart phone manufacturer is launching a new smart phone that they promise will cost the equivalent of just €3.30.

Setting you back less than the cost of a pint, the Ringing Bells Freedom 251smartphone costs just 251 Rupees – that means you can pick up 263 of these for the same price as the Apple iPhone 6S plus.

The Freedom 251 launches in India on February 18, and the makers told AFP it will be a “revolution to the industry.”

And what do you get for your loose change?

Running Android Lollipop 5.1 OS, it is packing a 1.3GHz quadcore processor, with 1 GB of ram and 8gb of internal memory (expandable up to 32gb).

The rear facing camera is a rather modest 3.2mp, with a 0.3 mp front facing camera – and you’ll be looking at your pictures on a 4 inch screen with 540x960 pixels.

Ringing Bells has only been in business since 2015, and the company has been selling phones online for several weeks now. The 251 is the “flagship model”, a spokesperson told AFP. 

“We think it will bring a revolution in the industry,” they added.

If you do splash out for the Freedom 251 you’ll be free to access all of the apps available on the Google Play Store – but the 251 might struggle with some of the more taxing programmes.

And if you’re worried about the workmanship the 251 comes with a one-year warranty and over 650 service centres around India. If that makes much difference to you.

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