Amazon primed to challenge Ticketmaster's dominance


Amazon has Ticketmaster in its sights as it gears up to take on the dominion it – and parent company Live Nation – has over the concert and event market in Ireland and around the world.

Following a soft launch of Amazon Tickets in the UK last year, the company plans to expand the service into the rest of Europe, as well as the US and Asia.

The aim? According to one of a number of job listings recently posted online, it hopes "to position Amazon Tickets as the world's premier destination for purchasing tickets", a goal which would obviously involve usurping the all-powerful Ticketmaster in the process.

The company's statement in the job post continues:

"Our vision goes beyond just selling tickets as we aim to disrupt the entire live entertainment experience, including what happens before, during and after the show.

"The ticketing business is ripe for innovation improvement, as much of the industry has not fundamentally changed since the 1970s."

According to Recode, part of the new system's appeal will be the fact Amazon customers can get tickets through their already-established accounts and that the fees for tickets will be displayed up front. 
Amazon vice president Ian freed is heading up the initiative, which will eventually include a "Prime Tickets" offering. 

Jeff Bezos' commerce giant will have a tough time making significant inroads into Ticketmaster's territory, with many major artists now doing exclusive deals with Live Nation.

In 2015, Live Nation took care of the promotion of the biggest tours around, including global jaunts from U2, Madonna and One Direction.

Ticketmaster moved over 530 million tickets to achieve record growth of 12% in global gross transaction value [GVT], with total GVT coming to a cool $25 billion.

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