Apple's moving one of its major divisions from Luxembourg to Cork


Apple is reported to be doubling down on its Irish presence and moving its international iTunes business to Ireland.

"Apple has been operating in Ireland since 1980 and now employs nearly 6,000 people. As we continue to expand our operations in Cork, we are moving our iTunes business there, and will support content stores for more than 100 countries from our campus at Hollyhill," the company said in a letter to suppliers.

This transfer is due to be completed by early 2017.

The firm has already announced plans to create an additional 1,000 Irish jobs this year, and it has been given planning permission to expand the Hollyhill site.

Apple's international iTunes office had been located in Luxembourg since 2004 - but the unit closed in early July according to reports in Luxembourg.

After the European Commission ruled that Apple was given a sweetheart deal by the Irish Government the company was keen to highlight its long-standing presence in the country.

"We have operated continuously in Cork ever since, even through periods of uncertainty about our own business, and today we employ nearly 6,000 people across Ireland. The vast majority are still in Cork — including some of the very first employees — now performing a wide variety of functions as part of Apple’s global footprint," Apple CEO Tim Cook said after the ruling.

"As responsible corporate citizens, we are also proud of our contributions to local economies across Europe, and to communities everywhere. As our business has grown over the years, we have become the largest taxpayer in Ireland, the largest taxpayer in the United States, and the largest taxpayer in the world," the statement continued.

Joseph Conroy,

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