Are drones the future of Irish farming?


Two months ago a video of sheep being herded on a farm in Co Carlow went viral, racking up over 650,000 YouTube views.

This might seem like a novelty video - but the Down to Business team has been out and about this week meeting an Irish company who are developing their own commercial and industrial drones - and they could be coming to a farm near you soon.



Masada UAV is the brain-child of Mark Gallagher and Alan O’Shea. The company is based in Tullamore, Co Offaly, and was founded in June of last year. It officially launched in October 2014.

Bobby Kerr had a go at operating a drone himself when he visited Masada:



Mark says, "we want to enter into the commercial marketplace, primarily with fixed wings but we also offer rotary wings". He pointed out fixed UAVs are like a plane, while rotary ones are like a helicopter.

The pair were approached to develop an entirely different technology, which led them to examine the use of aerial reconnaissance - which they found was quite an underdeveloped market.

What differentiates the company from your standard drone you can buy online is that they specifically design to customer requirements - right down to 'the size, the weight, everything'. They have set themselves a target of being a corporate supplier at a moderate price range.

Masada UAV say they have a 'relatively aggressive marketing plan' that they can start implementing once they have wrapped up their R&D process.



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