Are you a social media micro-influencer?

In a world of pro-Snapchatters and endless sponsored posts from Twitter-famous social media 'influencers' - one company is hoping to tap into a new market in Ireland, 'micro-influencers.'
Takumi - a London-based digital marketing agency which says that its platform "enables any Irish Instagrammer, with 1,000 followers or more, to become an ‘influencer’ and get paid for working with advertisers and brands," has launched in Ireland.

The idea is that rather than splashing out to get the same old 'Irish celebrities' to plug goods - these ‘micro-influencers’, who have between 1,000 to 200,000 followers, offer a largely untapped opportunity to connect with users.

You can register with its app and then it will decide if it thinks there are brands who would want to work with you and it, "oversees price negotiation for this advertising campaign, accepting post submissions from an influencer, compiling performance reports and finally settles payment."

It will also ensure that posts are compliant with Ireland's advertising laws (meaning that sponsored posts are correctly labelled) - and it also makes sure that your payments are made in-line with Irish tax laws.

Takumi currently workers with 18,000 influencers, and 250 brands (including Domino’s, Hilton and Sony Music) and advertising companies across the UK, Germany and Iceland - Ireland is the fourth market which it is entering.

Joseph Conroy,

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