Aryzta’s Irish business starts to grow again


Aryzta, the Swiss-Irish food group, has reported that its revenue increased by 6.1% in its first financial quarter, growing to €995m.

Its operations in the UK and Ireland returned to growth during the period - it is behind the Cuisine de France range which is sold across Ireland.

In the three months to the end of October the group experienced negative underlying growth of -0.4% - and acquisition growth of 0.7 percent, while it benefited from fluctuations in currency markets which led to growth of 5.8%.

Aryzta chief executive Owen Killian said that the underlying revenue performance was "satisfactory" during the quarter.

Across Europe revenues grew by 9.5% to €442.5m, while in North America revenue increased by 5.2 percent to €500m.

"Consumer sentiment is positive in North America where we are encouraged by the initial consumer feedback to our renewed focus on our brands particularly La Brea Bakery and Otis Spunkmeyer. Consumer sentiment is more muted in Europe although our business in Ireland and the UK returned to growth in the period," Mr Killian added.

In 2016 Aryzta hopes to continue to expand, and to improve its underlying revenue growth.

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