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More Money More Problems?
First up this week is a big one. It comes in from Jimmy who has quite a dilemma on his hands. Jimmy is a highly qualified engineer with a number of years’ experience. Jimmy recently moved from a well-established company to a newly established engineering consultancy with 3 staff, including himself. Jimmy’s new boss is insulting and is described as being a bully. The only other staff member works from home and does not have to deal with the boss on a daily basis. Jimmy’s current role has given him a 50% increase in salary compared with the old company, and he has learned more technically in the past three months than he did in the previous two years in the previous role. In spite of this, he has described his time at the new company as being a nightmare due to his relationship with his new boss, and he has recently learned that his old company are willing to offer him his old position back. Jimmy is looking for some advice from Bobby on his predicament.
Bobby's Advice
This is a very interesting one. Firstly, putting aside the negatives around the horrible boss etc. it’s always very difficult to return to a role, once you have moved on. Jimmy has also learned more technically and has increased his salary 50% and he is unlikely to receive the same terms with the company.
Looking at the current scenario – if Jimmy could grit it out for a little while longer, and try get at least a year under his belt he would be in a much better position in nine months’ time. On the one hand, he is learning a lot technically and adding more strings to his bow which will stand to him in the future. However, on the other hand Jimmy needs to find a way to make his working relationship easier with his boss. It’s easier said than done but he needs to think long term about his career, and focus on long term goals. I would advise sticking it out for now, and reassessing the situation in six months’ time.
Playing the Pub Game
Brendan has been in touch and has just purchased a pub with this brother. The pub is located in a small Leinster town and has been a part of the local community for a number of years. They purchased the pub at a good price from NAMA and is looking for some advice from Bobby on the best way forward for the business. Brendan has an idea to introduce a new food menu, as well as craft beers and go down the gastro pub route to attract new customers. However, he is afraid that this approach may alienate the regular punters and the local community.   
Bobby's Advice
It’s great to see people taking on businesses in rural areas. Pubs are usually a huge part of the community and anything that Brendan can do to revamp and get punters in is great. I would definitely look at introducing food and craft beers. There are very few pubs/bars these days that do not serve food in some capacity. Craft beers are very popular and customers have become used to more choice when it comes to drinks. I think that food these days is almost a given, and the gastro pub has become almost a place of entertainment, and customers are looking for an experience in addition to good food and drink. What I would say to Brendan on the food side of things is make sure to cost up and install a proper kitchen and extraction. There’s nothing worse than entering a pub that smells of food. Another idea would be to install a snug, whereby the regular customers could spend their time. This would be a nice way to preserve the old way but also ushering in a new approach and attracting new customers.
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