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Business Agony Uncle, Bobby Kerr is back with some more expert advice for SME employers and employees. This week Bobby offers his expert advice on making the next big career move, as well tips on how to achieve the right work/life balance. 

Is the Grass Always Greener - Making the big Move
A young man contacted Bobby looking for some advice on how to approach a new career opportunity. He currently works for an engineering company in Cork, but has been offered a higher position with more responsibility and an increased salary. However, the position is in Dublin and with a young family already settled in Cork he wants to be sure to make the right decision for not only his own career, but for his family also.
Bobby’s Advice
This is a real crossroads and would be a huge decision to make for anyone, let alone somebody with a young and settled family. There’s an opportunity being presented here and no doubt that deep down he would like to take it. However, he needs to look at the wider picture and how it will affect his family in the long term. I would advise taking a number of steps:
  1. Speak to his partner - This is critical to assess the impact of such a decision. If his partner is not optimistic about the move, then maybe it is not the right time. At the end of the day, both parties need to be able to live with the decision and be happy that it’s the right one
  2. Speak to his boss – It is worth him sitting down with his boss, and explaining the situation in depth. Perhaps there is an agreement that they can reach regarding terms of employment and the new role in Dublin.
  3. Take time to decide – He needs to consider every eventually and make an informed decision. No harm in drawing up a pros and cons list again to highlight the different outcomes. The last thing they want is to make a decision based on the increased salary on offer. It’s a life decision, and so all avenues need to be explored before committing to anything.

Just Say No – Finding the right Work/Life Balance
Next up this week was a query about work/life balance and how to avoid stress and huge workloads. This person contacted Bobby as they are concerned that they have become known at work as a “yes man/woman” and they find it very difficult to say no to people. This has also spilled over into their personal life which is beginning to cause them a lot of stress in their life, both professionally and personally. People now expect them to say yes to everything, regardless of the amount of work or pressure involved.
Bobby’s Advice
First of all, having a huge workload and increasing stress levels can be extremely damaging to people’s health. While this person does demonstrate ambition and drive, over time it can become a concern. As well as this, if somebody has too many tasks to focus on it can affect the quality of the output.
There are a number of simple steps that they can take, right away:
  1. Draw up two separate lists. One list for work and the other for their personal time. They will then be able to see exactly where their time lies and how to manage it more efficiently. Sometimes people just need to see things laid out clearly in front of them to get more perspective.
  2. Managing expectations – They need to start managing expectations of those around them. Often times by lowering expectations of the asker, it can help relieve some pressure. This is something that they need to start doing as soon as possible to avoid a build-up of unnecessary stress.
  3. Find A Balance – It may seem like a case of “easier said than done”, but it’s very important to find a life/work balance that works for them. Quality of life is paramount here, and if they are too busy keeping people happy at work and at home then they are not able to enjoy the more important things in life.
  4. Just say No – Don’t be afraid to push back. If nothing else, people respect honesty.
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