Boeing boasts about its latest invention, the world's lightest metal ever


Air giant Boeing has released a new video revealing an incredible new metal is has produced, that is one 100th as light as Styrofoam, and both the lightest and one of the strongest materials known to mankind.

According to Sophia Yang, one of the research engineers who helped to develop the material, the metal is 99.99% air and has an open-cellular structure to make it incredibly robust and strong. The practical application of it means that Boeing can dramatically reduce the weight of its aircraft, saving on fuel, as well as increase safety due to the metal’s capacity to absorb huge levels of impact.

"You need to drop an egg from 25 stories and protect that egg," says Yang. "What we can do is design the microlattice to absorb the force that the egg feels. So instead of having an egg that's wrapped in three feet of bubble wrap, now you have a much smaller package that your egg can sit in."

Check out the video below:


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