Could your iPhone replace your driver's licence?


Apple's Wallet app is an excellent companion for someone who travels quite a bit. It's possible to download and store digital boarding cards within the app, making them easy to access and filed neatly. It looks as though there may be a new function for the app and it could be a game-changer. 

Oliver Morley, CEO of the British driving authority, teased a "prototype" of a feature, which would allow drivers to sotre their licence on their phone, within Apple Wallet.  


Apple have always pitched their Wallet app as a way to get rid of the traditional wallet. As Apple Pay becomes more widespread, the company's pitch could be a reality. 

The image in Mr. Morley's tweet clearly shows an image of the driver along with the date of birth, date of issue and its expiry.  

While some may fear that images such as the one in the tweet could be doctored, thus creating a new market for fake IDs, there are easy work arounds to ensure that doesn't happen. These include connecting the driving licence to a QR code that, when checked, opens a full database and verifies its authenticity. 

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