Crisps, tea and rashers: Here are the brands Irish emigrants miss the most


Tayto Crisps have been named (perhaps unsurprisingly) as the brand that most Irish people find themselves longing for after a stint away.

It's been named the "most missed food" by Irish emigrants according to Checkout magazine's annual survey of people who have recently returned to Ireland.

A total of 59% of the 342 returned Irish emigrants surveyed reported that they missed the crisps, while 38% said they missed the snack 'a lot.'

Cadbury is second of the list - followed by Kerrygold Butter.

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Interestingly, Barry's edges out Lyons - the two tea brands occupy fourth and fifth place. This echos Checkout's list of Ireland's favouite brands in 2016 which saw Barry's overtake Lyons for the first time.

Guinness came next - although it's available across most of the world, stout drinkers claim that it tastes better at home.

King Crisps, Denny Rashers, Denny Sausages, and Galtee Rashers complete the top 10.

Checkout editor Jenny Whelan commented, "Irish consumers are known to be brand loyal, and emigration doesn’t seem to change this.

"I have no doubt that in the run up to Christmas, plenty of the products featuring in our study will be making their way to loved ones across the globe, so that even those who can’t make it back for the festivities can get a little taste of home."

Joseph Conroy, 

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