Deliveroo discusses its Galway launch, and expansion plans across Ireland


Deliveroo, an app which works with restaurants to offer takeaway deliveries from food outlets that do not normally offer deliveries, has announced that it has raised $100m in new finances to fund its international expansion.

"On the first hand we are a technology company - we offer the customer our service on our app - and then also we provide the logistic service [delivering the food]. That's what sets us apart from most other businesses," the company's Irish boss Oliver Dewhurst explained to Breakfast Business.

Users can order food from local restaurants through the app, Deliveroo will then collect and deliver that order - charging the regular restaurant price plus an additional fee of €2.50.

Since launching in Dublin, the company has expanded to Cork and now Galway where it is initially partnering with 10 eateries - but Mr Dewhurst expects this number to grow quickly and for the service to continue to enter new urban markets throughout the island of Ireland in 2016.

He describes the business as "hyperlocal" with food being delivered to within a 2.8km radius of restaurants so that it is "piping hot" when it gets to the final consumer.

It is still moving into new Dublin districts - it currently employs some 100 drivers - but the company says that this number has been constantly growing since it came to the city.

Mr Dewhurst outlines the benefits that his company can offer to restaurants:

"It's an incremental revenue stream. Most of the restaurants we work with don't offer a delivery service already.

"And it's not really adding any work on their side. They don't need to hire anymore staff,"

The company started in London in 2013 - and is currently growing its business in Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Melbourne and Sydney.

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