Drone broadcasting coming to Periscope


Drone broadcasting is one of the intriguing new features Periscope is gearing up to add to its iPhone app over coming weeks.

Users of supported DJI drones can connect their iPhones to the drone's remote to allow for video shot in the air to be automatically sent to Periscope's video feed.

You can also switch between it, your iPhone's cameras and your GoPro, as well as narrate from the bird's eye view with your phone and use Sketch to highlight different sights.

Another new feature is the ability to search for broadcasts by title or topic. Broadcasts will be categorised by using relevant hashtags.

Meanwhile, the Twitter-owned app introduced a public beta last week that allowed people to #save their broadcasts beyond 24 hours.

The upcoming full version will automatically save them on Periscope and Twitter. You will still be able to manually delete broadcasts and alter settings to return them to their 24-hour limit if you so choose.

By Craig Fitzpatrick, newstalk.com

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