Dublin's new Airbnb-style solution to finding office space


If you're a business struggling to find flexible, co-working office space around Ireland, Savills has a new online service with you firmly in mind.

With cues taken from Airbnb, the real estate agency has launched Workthere, a brokerage and website listing platform.

Workthere aims to help startups and even larger companies to identify working spaces that fit their individual needs, whilst providing a transparent and easy-to-use platform for the providers.

Savills has said that Workthere will service the entire flexible work space market, including well-known brands such as Iconic Offices, Glandore and Pembroke Hall, as well as smaller providers and single-schemes.

The new venture was launched in the UK in February, with Dublin becoming its first port of call away from British shores.

Cal Lee, head of Workthere, commented:

“Ireland has witnessed considerable growth in the flexible work space sector, with many new entrants coming to the market.

"At the same time, demand for flexible work space continues to grow as more businesses, including start-ups, SMEs and even larger corporate companies, are seeing the benefits of flexible work space over a more traditional lease.”

The service in Ireland will be managed by Michael Healy, division director at Savills Ireland.

He added:

“Serviced office space is growing in popularity globally and this is particularly evident in Dublin. WeWork & Regus are both looking to set up several new business centres in Dublin.

"Iconic Offices are expanding their portfolio at a phenomenal rate and recently opened three centres – SOBO Works and The Brickhouse with Hibernia REIT, and another on Harmony Row. We intend to list all services offices space available Ireland.”

Craig Fitzpatrick, Newstalk.com 

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