Eir secures €5m to connect transatlantic fiber cable to Dublin


Open Eir, the wholesale arm of telecoms group Eir, has been awarded a contact worth more that €5m to connect Aqua Comms’ transatlantic cable system from Mayo to Dublin data centres.

Between now and November Aqua Comm, and Irish-headquartered firm, will finish laying 5,475km of fibre-optic cable between Long Island and Killala.

This America Europe Connect cable is the first fibre connection between Ireland and the United States - work on it began last year.

The connection runs speeds of up to 13 terabytes per second - it was designed to meet bandwidth demand surges from businesses like cloud computing and data centres.

Adrian Marron, head of sales and service management at Open Eir commented on the development:

“Dublin is already home to one of the largest clusters of data centres in Europe ... Several IT multinationals currently have vast data centres under construction here as an increasing number of US companies view Ireland as a key entry point to access large European markets."

Joseph Conroy, Newstalk.com 

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