Electronic case tag could let you fly without any paper needed


It's the most analogue part of travelling.

You get to the airport, and after booking online, checking in online, and arranging every little part of your trip online, you've to trudge up to the counter to get a paper tag for your luggage.

Most of the time, the tag doesn't even last the whole trip and you've to tape it back on before you head home.

Now, German suitcase maker Rimowa seems to have a new, modern solution.

They've introduced a new electronic tag that comes as a premium feature on their new line of suitcases.

E-ink tag

An e-ink screen the size of a regular luggage tag is built into the case, and you can send the info to it that it needs to display from Rimowa's own app or from your airline's app over Bluetooth.

There is ID verification in place so that no random person can send info to the case.

The screen will last 500 refreshes on two AAA batteries, as e-ink screens only use power when the screen changes.

When you don't have a tag to be displayed, you have show your contact into on the screen, fed to it from Rimowa's app.

Right now, Lufthansa is the only airline support the electronic tag, and even then, it can only be used in three airports in Germany. Other airlines are considering using it, including United, and British Airways has shown interest in this tech in the past, so expect it to become more common soon.

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