Facebook plans north Dublin move - and major job announcements


Facebook is set to significantly expand its Irish presence and has secured additional office space in the capital.

It can fit up to 2,000 workers in its current Dublin HQ and will add space for 800 more in the north docklands, according to The Irish Independent.

"We need to scale up. We've been very successful here in Ireland at delivering results for Facebook. So we continue to get investment," Facebook's Irish boss Gareth Lambe told the newspaper.

"In our existing building, we have the capacity for 2,000 people. But we have now reached over 1,600 and we're growing so fast that it's filling up. So we've taken space for another 800 desks in a new building in East Wall with growth over the next few years in mind," he continued.

Mr Lamb believes that its move across the Liffey is a "statement for the area" - tech firms have generally opted for locations clustered around Grand Canal Dock on the city's southside.

The new office is expected to be located next to the Point Village.

"We see this area as having a lot of potential, a lot like the current area (Gand Canal Dock) 10 or 15 years ago. We considered places with lower costs on the outskirts of Dublin. But because we'll be moving some people from this building to the new one, we wanted to keep disruption to a minimum," he added.

It currently employs 1,600 people in Ireland - its new office will take a year to fit out.

The company said that the administration change in the US and Donald Trump's plans to introduce policies to lure firms 'back home' have had no impact on its decision making.

Joseph Conroy, Newstalk.com 

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