Fed up with your Wifi signal dropping at home?


Many of us are paying out for wireless broadband and yet few of us are totally happy with the service we are getting. A common problem is that the wireless signal doesn’t reach every room; meaning family members and flat mates sit in doorways hoping the Wi­Fi signal doesn’t drop.

There are solutions for this problem and here’s a secret: they won’t come from your service provider!

Wireless range extenders are widely available and provide a steady stream of Internet connectivity, ensuring your browsing is uninterrupted. Netgear and TP­Link have a wide selection of these products available.

Netgear’s “Wall­Plugged Ethernet Bridge” comes as two plugs; one connects to the back of the wireless router via an Ethernet cable and the other to the back of the device (computer, laptop or Smart TV) via Ethernet cable. This strengthens the Internet connection and provides a consistent connection. This type of device is ideal for those with Smart TVs.

For those with multiple smart­devices that struggle to connect and remain connected to the wireless signal, it is worth considering TP­Link’s Wireless N Router (TL­WR 841N). This wireless router works alongside the wall-plugged Ethernet bridge, mentioned above.

When hooked up to the Ethernet bridge the wireless router creates a new network connection for devices to connect to, bringing wireless into rooms the ordinary signal cannot reach. There is no limit on the number of devices that can connect to the wireless router.

These two products work together to eliminate the frustrating connectivity issues we face. Both are very easy to set up and work with all types of operating systems.

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