From building blocks to Google Bloks: How to get kids programming


Google is expanding its educational reach by designing a tool that helps children get started on the path to programming from a young age. 

'Project Bloks' consists of three components for children to work on, with the finished project resulting in a gadget of their own making. The three components are: Base Boards, Pucks and Brain Boards. 

The idea with  this approach is to inspire creation using tangible programming on an open hardware platform. Children will be able to produce control mechanisms for robots, toys and tablets.

Writing in a blog post announcement, Google Creative Lab members, Steve Vranakis and Jayme Goldstein said: 

"We believe that when children learn to code, they’re not just learning how to program a computer — they’re learning a new language for creative expression and are developing computational thinking: a skill set for solving problems of all kinds." 

Jessica Kelly, 

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