Future of phones: Know how to play lego? You're sorted


We have lightweight smartphones, phones with better cameras than anyone could have imagined ten years ago and they still manage to make calls and texts. Google, however, have unveiled their concept for the future of smartphones. 

Remember the good old days of the Nokia 3310 and the ability to change their phone covers?

Well, it would appear that we are reentering the era of phone customisation. Google have announced further details of their Project Ara. This will allow users to add or replace parts of a phone, rather than purchasing a new one. 

The premise of Ara is to create phones with parts that can be easily clicked on and off, allowing for a whole new level of customisation. For example, there could well be a glucose sensor add on for the phone of a diabetic, a key add on for car drivers or louder speakers for music fans. 

The modular phone is designed to have a longer lifespan than current products on the market, because its hardware can be easily changed and updated.

It's expected the Ara devices will go on sale next year.

Jessica Kelly, Newstalk.com 

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