Glasses-free 3D cinema screens could become a reality soon


If, like me, you've been continually put off going to see 3D movies because of the glasses you've to wear.

Putting them over your regular glasses can cause someone, also like me, a lot of discomfort, taking away from the enjoyment of the experience.

Us bespectacled movies goers might not need to worry much longer, as scientists think they've figured out how to make cinema-size 3D screens that don't need glasses.

Researchers from MIT and Israel's Weizmann Institute are working on the technology that uses multiple mirrors and lenses to direct the images in different directions and different angles.

Right now, the tech in in very early stages, and the screen the researchers got to work is only the size of a piece of paper. The current prototype uses 50 mirrors and lenses, so a screen the size of a regular cinema screen is going to take a lot of work to get there.

Glasses-free 3D isn't something new at this stage, but it has proved to be technically tough to do at a large scale. Hopefully this new tech will make it easier for everyone to experience 3D comfortably without compromise.

Kevin Kelly, 

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