Google Chrome overthrows Internet Explorer as top web browser


Google Chrome is now the most popular desktop internet browser in the world.

It has overtaken Internet Explorer at the summit, as the Microsoft program's 18-year run as the most popular browser comes to an end.

The two are still extremely close in terms of popularity, however.

NetMarketShare's stats show that, as of April, Chrome has a 41.71% market share, while Internet Explorer has a 41.33% share.

In 2003, Explorer had a 95% share, with its long-running domination chiefly down to the fact it came bundled with Microsoft Windows as standard.

It had overtaken Netscape Navigator in 1998.

Firefox is currently in third with 10.06%, Apple's Safari have 4.47% and Opera has 2.01%.

Internet Explorer is now being phased out altogether, with Internet Explorer 11 being the final version.

The program is being replaced by lightweight browser Microsoft Edge, launched last year.

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