Google to phase out Flash: What does this mean for you?


Google is preparing to phase out Adobe's Flash player extension. Those who use Google Chrome will begin to see less of Flash and more of HTML5. Only 10 websites, including YouTube and Facebook, will be exempt from the change. 

Why, you may wonder, is this change happening? Google is looking to move away from Flash as it has the reputation for leaving devices vulnerable to bugs. 

A security firm named Fireeye highlighted that the latest vulnerability in Flash was being actively exploited by cybercriminals. A vicious campaign began mere days after the bug within Flash was first discovered. 

Adobe has also announced plans to phase out their Flash extension and move towards HTML5.  

"Why the change? The use of open web standards and HTML5 has become the dominant standard on the web," Adobe wrote in a blog post.

Google stated that the new HTML5 framework will enable previous Flash sites to run through the browser. There will be a policy setting for "always run Flash content" in the new system, which will also be found under Chrome's "Content Settings."

Jessica Kelly,

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