Government publishes plan to get an extra 221,000 people in employment


The Government says it wants to see an extra 221,000 people at work between now and 2020.

The target is part of a new 'Enterprise 2025' strategy launched by the coalition this afternoon.

It also says there should be a 50% increase in exports by Irish companies, and it wants to see over 1,000 additional investments into Ireland by foreign companies.

The Government says the 10-year jobs and enterprise strategy is aimed at "ending the cycle of boom-bust and delivering sustainable, enterprise-based jobs growth".

Key targets in the plan include:

  • achieving and retaining a top 3 competitiveness ranking
  • unemployment in each region being within 1% of the State average by 2020
  • a 60% increase in EI enterprises spending more than €1m on R&D and winning €3.6bn in R&D related FDI
  • delivering 2 to 2.5% productivity growth per annum in Irish companies
  • step-change in the export performance by Irish companies – 50% increase in exports by Irish companies by 2020
  • an additional 1,080 inward investment projects

Business group ISME has welcomed the plan, noting the inclusion of a timescale in it.

Mark Fielding from ISME says: "We are pleased to see the inclusion of measurable metrics and timelines in this plan, something which has been sorely lacking from previous government plans".

"This strategy model should now become the template for all future Government policies," he added.

Read the full document here

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