Has the Apple Watch been a flop?


Apple hasn't released exact sales figures since the Apple Watch launched in April, but analytics which Slice Intelligence have pulled together from online transaction data offers a snapshot of how the product has been performing in the US - and the figures don't look great.

After the launch Apple was shifting 200,000 watches a day - but sales have gone into a steady decline since then.

Slice / Mashable

In mid-April Apple was selling 35,000 watches, this fell to an average of 20,000 into May - but by June sales had dipped to 5,000.

Slice's data says that the cheapest Apple Watch Sport is by far the most popular watch, accounting for two-thirds of all orders.

It also says that fewer than 2,000 of the $10,000 gold Apple Watch Edition have been sold.

In the past Apple has released strong sales figures to the public after the initial launches of products like the iPad and iPhone - we are still waiting to hear official watch numbers.

Apple might offer an indication as to how it has been performing when it announces its Q3 earnings later in July.



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