Here come the parents as age of Snapchat user rises


You'd better find other ways to complain about your parents online, as more and more older users are flocking to Snapchat.

The amount of users over the age of 35 now make up 14% of Snapchat's audience, a massive jump from the 2% that used it in 2013.

People aged between 25-34 make up 38% of its users.

Young people are still the majority of Snapchat users, with 69% being between 18-24, but the growth in users is much stronger in the older ages.

The self-deleting photo sharing app faced a lot of fears when it was first released as concerns were raised about it being used by teens for sexting and sending other explicit content.

Attractive features

But its introduction of new features over the years, including filters and face swapping have broadened its appeal to a much wider market. Snapchat has also made huge deals to legitimise it as a proper social media platform by working with news outlets to create and share their content right in the app.

This isn't the first time that a major social media platform is seeing its audience getting older. Facebook suffered the same issues, with older adults joining the site years after most young people.

For teens and younger people, social media seen as a place to escape their parents or older relatives, where they can chat and share freely with their friends. As more older audiences move in, the younger moves out to newer platforms such as Snapchat. Now with older people taking it up, you could ask where do the young people go now.

Kevin Kelly, 

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