Here's how to find out what Google knows about you (and it's a lot)


Many of us don't think twice when we sign into our GMail accounts or use Google Maps. We simply log in, do what we need to do and then go about our day. Did you know that there is a way to see what information trail leave behind when you use Google? Well, there is and here's how you access it. 

First up: sign into your Google account. Then click on this link. You'll then be met with a this page:

Ths page lists every search and web page visited. It's possible to delete searches if you wish. Simply click on the search and hit the delete button. 

If you want to delve deeper into the data Google has about you, click on the left corner of this page and another menu will appear. 


From here you can view your YouTube search history, watch history and device information. It's also possible to view your location history. 

You can see exact addresses of locations visited. It's possible to delete this info too. 

This section of Google is accessible at any stage. It is a great way for users to be aware and manage the data Google stores.

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