Here's how to set parental controls on YouTube


YouTube is an amazing source of entertainment for kids and adults of all ages. If your child has recently discovered the hours of fun that can be had on the video streaming service, you may want to enable certain security restrictions. 

First things first: if your child is viewing YouTube on a smart device, it's worth downloading the YouTube Kids app. This is free on both iOS and Android. 

This application gives parents full control over what their children can see and search for on YouTube. It's much easier to manage than the normal YouTube site. Parents can select the type of videos their children might be interested in, based upon their age, enable or disable the search function and set a pin, which allows them to alter settings at any stage.


If your child is viewing YouTube on a laptop or computer, it's possible to alter the settings. This will give parents more control over their child's viewing habits, but is not as locked down as the YouTube Kids application. 

The best thing parents can do in this case is enable the "restricted mode".


It's also possible to view what your child has been viewing online and report any content deemed to be inappropriate. 

Jessica Kelly,

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