How far in Dublin would you have to walk to burn off a bottle of coke?


Ahead of the back to school rush, Tesco in the UK has announced plans to remove sugary kids-size drinks from its stores.

While the initiative is considered a step in the right direction to help target obesity, a far more effective ‘move’ could be showing people how far they would have to walk before they burned off that bottle of sugary stuff.

Well, has done the legwork for you and mapped out how far you would have to go in Dublin, Cork and Galway to walk off some of your favourite treats.

We looked at sugary drinks, alcohol and snacks and while you’d only have to stroll across the Liffey to burn off some apple juice, a chicken fillet roll would take you on a bit of a trek.

Take a look at the maps below:

Sugary drinks

Map 1: Starting point – Newstalk studios, Dublin 2 (NT Logo)

  • Donnybrook Bus Garage – Bottle of Coke – 240 cals (4km, 50 mins)
  • Royal Hospital Kilmainham – Latte – 180 cals (3.5km, 45 mins)
  • Croke Park – Red Bull – 160 cals (3.4km, 41 mins)
  • 3Arena – Apple Juice – 146 cals (3.1km, 38 mins)


Map 2: Starting point – Newstalk Studio, Opera Lane, Cork (NT Logo)

  • Pairc Ui Caoimh (to the right of A) – Pint of larger – 180 cals (3.5km, 45 mins)
  • UCC (to the left of A) – Glass of wine – 160 cals (3.3km, 40 mins
  • Collins Barracks (above A) – Gin & Tonic – 140 cals (2.7km, 33 mins)


Map 3: Starting point – Eyre Square, Galway (NT logo)

  • Claregalway... runs off the map because it's so far – Chicken fillet roll – 750 cals (10.3km, 2 hrs and 6 mins)
  • GMIT – Bar of Dairymilk – 240 cals (4km, 50 mins)
  • Salthill – Bag of crisps – 152 cals (2.8km, 35 mins)

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