How Google will make the password a thing of the past


Google has signalled that the end of the password is nigh for its Android OS as it prepares to start testing a ‘trust-based’ login system for your smartphone.

The method will employ a number of weaker indicators combining to create strong evidence that it truly is you.

Google has suggested that Project Abacus' Trust API could use a wide variety of biometric indicators, including voice patter, facial recognition, as well as how you move, type and swipe your screen.

To ensure accuracy, your behaviour will constantly be tracked while the service runs in your phone's background.

These combinations, the tech giant claims, could make your phone 10 times more secure than if you were using fingerprint technology alone to unlock your phone.

The API will send institutions the "trust score" it has given you based on these factors, and if there is still uncertainty as to your identity, further information (even an old-fashioned password) can then be sought.

According to Google's Daniel Kaufman, trials will begin with "several very large financial institutions" in June. "By the end of the year", however, it will be available to all third-party developers.

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