How much is Game of Thrones worth to the Northern Irish economy?


HBO's small screen epic has been big business for Northern Ireland - it is estimated that since 2010 the hit-show has contributed £110m (€155m at today's exchange rate) to its economy in production costs alone.

According to recent audited figures from Northern Ireland Screen, the government-backed agency in Northern Ireland for the film and television industries, the show adds between £21m and £23m to the local economy during each year.



This figure is a mix of salaries for local crew members, accommodation, catering, and other filming costs.

Politicians on both sides of the boarder have suggested turning the Magheramorne Quarry into a permanent tourist attraction when filming ends.

Magheramorne Quarry pre-CGI

Magheramorne Quarry post-CGI

The series has also generated more than 900 full-time jobs, and 5,700 part-time positions in Northern Ireland.

Game of Thrones has also served as a powerful advertisement for north-east Ireland's dramatic landscape. The show has drawn thousands of tourists to the region, and spawned a spin-off industry of location tours running from Dublin and Belfast.

Parts of the show's pilot were shot in Scotland, but it was drawn to Northern Ireland by incentive funds (it has received £12.45m from Northern Ireland Screen) and the world class facilities offered by Titanic Studios in Belfast.

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