How to get your phone festival ready


Summer is finally upon us and festival season kicks off this weekend. Here's a list of apps and gadgets that'll help you make the most it! 

uPackingList - Free on both iOS and Android

The hardest part of heading to any festival is the packing, and so uPackingList provides a handy checklist to take the pain away.

It covers all kinds of trips from business and picnics to family holidays and camping. It’s possible to export lists within the app to email.

Transport for Ireland Real Time Ireland - Free on both iOS and Android

Transport for Ireland’s app provides the user real time data for Dublin Bus, Bus Eireann, Luas and Irish Rail. This makes travelling to any destination in Ireland extremely easy. The app allows users to set reminders for when their bus or train is approaching their stop, ensuring they are not left stranded!

Festival Ready - Free on both iOS and Android

This app is made by the folks behind the Swiss Army Watch and Knives. Victorinox’s Festival Ready app is multi-functional, but has a clean cut design making it extremely user friendly. Here are just some of the features within the free app:

  • 3D navigation
  • Torch
  • Live weather
  • Festival camping tips

Find My Friends - Free on Android

While the sites of many festivals are self contained and well laid out, people get lost; and often. Find My Friends is a free app which allows users to find their pals using GPS on their phones, preventing a constant stream of “can you hear me now, where are you?!” conversations.

Battery HD - Free on iOS and Android

There is no point in having a flashy phone with a super camera if your battery runs dead This app will help optimize your battery life, until a charging port becomes available

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