How was 2016 for Irish tech start-ups?


2016 will be remembered by many different people for a whole host of reasons. It was a big year in the world of tech, so we got in touch with some of Ireland's biggest tech start-ups to see what their highlight of 2016 was and to find out what they're looking forward to in 2017.

Highlight of 2016:

"It has been jam packed but really successful year on a number of levels for us," explains CEO Peter Coppinger. "We've added 30 new people to our team, reengineered our flagship product, rolled out an EU hosting option across our suite of products, as well as putting lots of great processes in place for our growing team but the highlight has to be moving into our beautiful new offices. We finally have a place that reflects everything we're about."

Goal for 2017:

"Our goal for 2017 is to hit $16 million in revenue, add more people to our team and begin work on our fourth product and I can't wait!"

Highlight of 2016:

"Staying open and serving our customers during the period of extreme exchange rate volatility following the results of the Brexit vote, when many of our competitors and even some banks suspended services, leaving their own customers high and dry during their time of need," says Brett Meyers Founder of CurrencyFair.

Goal for 2017:

"Bringing the great CurrencyFair experience already enjoyed by many expats and foreign property owners to more and more small business owners, with new product features designed specifically for businesses."


Highlight of 2016:

"Without a doubt the highlight at Intercom was shipping our latest product Educate," says John Collins, managing editor of Intercom. "The response has been phenomenal with hundreds of customers upgrading and creating thousands of articles in the first days of its release. It's is a fundamentally new take on how to help customers without consigning them to horrendous voice-jail systems. It’s also our first take on harnessing the power of AIs and machine learning - Educate learns how you are using it and then suggests what articles you should share with customers." 

Goal for 2017:

"Personally I’m really excited about our continued growth and building out a team that publishes new and interesting content that his very different from traditional marketing. Our growth is driven by our products so I’m also really excited to see what our product teams come up with in 2017."



“It has been an exceptional year for Voxpro," says Voxpro CEO and co-founder, Dan Kiely. "We opened a new office in Dublin and now have over 2,000 people working in Ireland. It’s amazing to think of all the growth since myself and Linda (Kiely) started the company.”

Goals for 2017:

“We look forward to growing our global footprint further in 2017 into markets including APAC, Latin America and Eastern Europe. We have a culture of disruption at Voxpro and it’s our people and our culture that provides the point of difference in our services, which powers the customer operations of our fantastic partners who include Nest, Google and AirBnb globally."

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