Ireland's Strategic Investment Fund commits to 53 investments worth over €2bn


The Ireland Strategic Investment Fund, which was established just over 16 months ago to invest the close to €7.5bn remaining in the National Pension Reserve Fund, says it’s in advanced discussions with, or has committed to, 53 different investment opportunities with a combined value of €2.4bn.

The Fund, which will host what it calls an engagement meeting with over 600 people in Dublin this morning says, it expects to commit over €750m to additional investments here during the current year and is open to commercial ideas from all parties.

It is targeting a minimum average return of 4% from its entire investment stable and has invested in capital development projects; SME loan support projects, and recently in association with Glanbia an initiative to offer loan support in the dairy sector.

Its biggest single commitment to date is to invest €325m in a separate fund, Activate Capital, partnered by the private investment company, KKR, to finance residential housing developments.

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