Irish Airbnb numbers have trebled


Visits to Irish homes through house-sharing site Airbnb have almost trebled in just a year, according to new figures.

Close to a quarter of a million guests have been hosted in Dublin alone in the past year, with more than 11,000 listings across the country.

Airbnb's online service allows people to rent out rooms in their home, with the average Irish host earns €2,600 annually through the site.

Airbnb is currently urging Irish people to open up their spare rooms to visitors over the busy summer months.

Former interior designer Sarah Lafferty says becoming a host has been a life-changing experience...

In March, the Temple Bar Residents Association accused Airbnb of adding to Dublin's housing crisis.

It pointed to the high volume of properties in the capital being listed on sites such as Airbnb and

Combined, the number of listed properties passed 2,000, whilst the number of rooms available to let in the city dwindled at record-lows of a little over 1,200.

By Craig Fitzpatrick, on

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