Irish property study reveals appetite to buy


Almost one-third of Ireland's adult population have said that they are at least contemplating buying a residential property during the next year, according to the KBC Bank Ireland's Home Buyer survey.

49% of respondents believe that it is a good time to buy a house, with 14% thinking that it's a bad time, and 37% remaining undecided.


When asked if the Central Bank's mortgage lending measures had affected their plans 44% said that they will not have an impact - while the remaining 56% said that it had either affected the kind of property that they would consider buying, prolonged the period that they will wait before they buy, or meant that they will need to rely on family supports or other loans to support a purchase.

The average period of time added to raise this money is between one and two years.

Of those looking for a home, 29% said that they had seen no properties which suited their needs. 60% saw between one to five properties on the markets which they considered suited to their needs - while the remaining 11% had seen a greater number.

Interestingly, 48% of respondents plan to buy a property on their own - while 52% want to find a property with someone else.

One-third stated that the Brexit result has affected their plans.

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