Kick Start Your Business – Big Red Button


It is the turn of Paul Price to get his business, ‘Big Red Button', kickstarted on the Right Hook, and George and Gerard Tannam of Island Bridge Brand Development were on hand to give the business a kickstart as only they can.


The Business Idea
Big Red Button is a personal safety support service on your phone giving you immediate access to 24/7 effective support and peace of mind whenever you decide you need it. The BigRedButton app can be easily downloaded from the app store. Registration is quick and simple and will give immediate 24/7 access to a professionally trained support team. Users can invite family and trusted friends to become contacts, and the BigRedButton team will connect users to their contacts or the emergency services when they need them. The BigRedButton team will immediately know where you are and how best to help you giving comfort and feeling of safety to those in need.

When members of Paul’s family were in danger whilst out and about, he found that helping them over the phone was ineffective and hugely stressful for all concerned. He decided to develop a one-touch phone application that immediately connected you to a trained team who could provide all the support someone in trouble requires.
Gers Tips and Advice
  • It’s a great idea as it provides people with a blanket security knowing that there is always someone there to listen, no matter what the situation is. This service is unique in that it provides support for any situation, whether somebody is in trouble or even if they are feeling vulnerable or anxious in a particular situation.
  •  It’s a relatively inexpensive considering the service that the app provides. It’s priced very reasonably at €9.99 per year which is extremely cheap when you think of the peace of mind it gives users.
  • Paul has developed extremely good video content on the website showing how the app works and explaining in a visual sense how the service can help people in need. Paul now really needs to take advantage of this video content and ramp up his call to action and leverage it to increase volume and downloads of the app.
  • Overall, it’s a very simple concept and translates into a relatively simple and inexpensive purchase for users. The only thing I would say is that the website is a little too over-elaborate and a simplified version and layout would be beneficial. This is just a minor point and easily rectified.
You can download the app today, or visit the BigRedButton website by clicking here.

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