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It is the turn of Mike Sikorski to get his business, 'Huggity', kickstarted on the Right Hook. George and Gerard Tannam of Island Bridge Brand Development were on hand to give the business a kickstart as only they can.
The Business Idea

When attending a big game some years ago, Mike imagined how powerful it would be if he could take a picture of the crowd that was so high quality that it would enable someone in the crowd to zoom into the photo, tag themselves and send their image to family and friends. Which led him to set up Huggity and its FanPic.

Huggity create the ultimate fan experience through building amazing technologies. The premise is that people who attend a particular event, can actually pick themselves out of a crowd of thousands of people, tag the picture and share across multiple social platforms. The most unique aspect of the product is its technology. Huggity uses the highest quality photographic technology to bring an experiential and irresistibly shareable product to the masses. Products like FanPic, Snappie and custom built activation tech help clients - including brands, agencies and rights holders - to engage with fans throughout the world’s most exciting live events.
Gers Tips and Advice
  • The really magical part of this whole idea is the technology. The level of hi-tech equipment and technology is simply astonishing. The idea that a single image can be captured - at a live sporting event or music festival for example -  that is of such high quality so people can actually zoom in among thousands of people to locate and tag themselves is amazing. The experiential element is also a massive hook. Given the phenomenon of social media, and the popularity of shareable content, this is really a no brainer. Mike has really created a niche product that also appeals to the mass market, which in itself is very unique.
  • The technology is very user friendly, and the website is accessible and outlines the products very well.
  • Huggity has positioned itself as being the relationship builder – whether it’s working with big brands, or events it’s all about relationship building and brands “hugging” their customers – hence the name Huggity.  A kind of “we’re all in this together” feel which emphasises not only the experiential aspect but also helps build vital brand relationships between customers and brands.  
Visit Huggity website here, and get tagging.

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