Kick Start Your Business – Mr. Jenks

It is the turn of William Jenkins to get his business, 'Mr Jenks', kickstarted on the Right Hook. George Hook and Gerard Tannam of Island Bridge Brand Development were on hand as always to give the business a kickstart, as only they can.

The Business Idea
William has long had an interest in fashion. When he and his partner Maeve started to explore potential opportunities in this world, they spotted the pocket square, a one-time classic accessory that’s been overlooked by the main fashion retailers.
About Mr. Jenks
  • Mr. Jenks is an Irish brand, specialising in 100% Silk and Linen Pocket Squares. A Pocket Square has always been a true gent’s accessory and our goal is to revolutionise the ancient Pocket Square tradition with a modern day finish. We aim to offer Old Style Patterns, Colours and Styles with a modern day twist and a dapper finish.
  • Made in Italy from the finest silk, the Mr. Jenkins Pocket Square Collection has been carefully curated with a belief that the products will inspire personal style, help people feel more comfortable and confident.  
Gers Tips and Advice
  • The website is also very functional and user friendly and gives a great visuals of the products. There is a great feature on the website which is a video tutorial on the various ways to fold different types of pocket squares and how to accessorise with different outfits etc. This is a very good feature for user engagement and interaction. 
  •  William has got a great business model and has really taken advantage of the current trend of dressing well. There’s great opportunity to team up with more established retailers as William has already aligned his brand with the likes of Louis Copeland and Henry Jermyn with some of his collections in stock in both stores.
To find out more about Mr. Jenks, make sure you visit the website  today.

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