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The Business Idea
When lingerie retailer Ciara Donlon noticed how breast cancer survivors were so poorly served by existing brands, she set out to research what they wanted in a bra, and designed the THEYA range, pretty, feminine and designed to highest eco standards.

Before launching ‘THEYA Healthcare’, Ciara Donlon had a lingerie store called, ‘Cupcakes’ which specialised in maternity lingerie. Ciara noticed while working there that there was a significant number of women coming in after having breast cancer surgery that were willing to buy maternity bras because they couldn’t find anything non-wired or pretty that would support them.  Knowing that for a woman coming out of breast cancer, buying a maternity bra was a big deal because a lot of the time the treatment they receive leaves them infertile, Ciara because they had no other option but to seek out maternity lingerie she saw that there was something really wrong with what was being offered to them.
About ‘THEYA Healthcare’
  • ‘THEYA Healthcare’ is a range of recovery lingerie that can be purchased online, the name of the brand was created to symbolise female strength with THEYA being the name of a Hindu Goddess.
  • The post-op lingerie is made from Bamboo, which as a material is anti-bacterial which means it helps with wounds.
  • The bras include Modesty Pads which can be left in or removed for anyone who has had a lumpectomy or is waiting for reconstructive surgery.
  • There are two types of bras available immediately post-surgery. They come with adjustable straps that can be adjusted at the shoulders and in the centre. One has hooks and eyes that can be used for compression and another has a zip. The zip was included because as Ciara mentioned sometimes after chemo women can have numbness in their fingers which means it can be difficult to open and close things.
  • Bras have no tags, no seams and no wires.
  • The brand not only operates in Ireland but does business in Portugal, Canada, France and will be launching in the UK with House of Fraiser.
Gers Tips and Advice
  • The website has a part to play because you can purchase directly from there and also be directed to retailers in Ireland and further a-field. When it comes to the website being informative- when you are serving a market that has been so badly served it’s important that your website is both informative and also it helps you (the consumer) get used to the idea that there is something available to you.  
  • “It’s extraordinary how many things are designed by people in that nobody asks the person for whom its being designed, so I absolutely applaud what Ciara has done and it is evident that everything she is doing she has taken on board everything she has been told and has designed it for that.”
  •  Be prepared to take on-board what’s not working.
  • There are some fantastic testimonials on the website but as they are presented they are too long, it would be fantastic to pull out some of those; for example, “I was looking for underwear that hugs rather than strangles.”, that says so well. You have to dig through 3 or 4 paragraphs to get that insight. I would love to see some of that insight to be brought right on to the homepage. Because I think at the moment the benefits aren’t as clear as they need to be.
To find out more about THEYA Healthcare, make sure you visit the website today.

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