Kickstart Your Business: Complyfile


Every week we Kickstart a business on the Right Hook with thanks to Energia.

George and Gerard Tannam of Island Bridge Brand Development were on hand to give the business a kickstart as only they can.

When David and Rowan Devereux, involved as parents with Enniskerry Football Club, needed to recruit other parents to the club, they realised there was a massive gap between paying lip service to safely bringing volunteers on board and doing it right.

And so they decided to develop software to help organisations everywhere safely recruit volunteers. Complyfile is a software business- the professional tool for voluntary organisations. The software is easy-to-use and tries to provide a high standard corporate type compliance software, but in a volunteer context.

George coaches an underage rugby team so can see the benefits of Complyfile linking in to the Garda vetting process. Complyfile makes it easier for the next person transitioning into the role of secretary etc in volunteer clubs to go through the Garda vetting/criminal background checks of volunteers involved in the club. The software is based on the Microsoft cloud platform and acts as a centralised repository for the application forms.

Ger explained that sending information to referees, and having all the documents stored etc. can be difficult so there are huge benefits of having a database of this information. Ger also makes the point that it’s one thing to send out information and application forms but it’s another to get it back. Complyfile works as an organisation administrator to act as a tool for the club secretary or whoever is in charge of this information.

The software is available through the website Users can pay for it based on the number of volunteers etc. and can request a demonstration 30 day free trial. Ger explains that the website is well designed as they guide the prospective buyer, they even have a 60 second instructional video. He says it’s great that they even have told the user it’s 60 seconds as at times it would deter people from watching if they think it will be a long video. He says simple steps like this make the software easy to use.




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